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July 2015 - Present

All Glory be to God!



July 2015

Love Does Mean ‘Having to Say [I’m] Sorry”




August 2016

"Be a 1st Class Coward"


February 2017

 “More Than A Bumper Sticker”

April 2017

“Believers We Are One, Aren’t We?”

May 2017

“The Importance of Compassion”

June 2017

“We Desperately Need the Holy Spirit”

July 2017

“The Elephant in the Church”

August 2017

“Before I Get My Coffee”

September 2017

“Unknown Caller”

October 2017

“Faith in the Night”

November 2017

“God Can Break Your Chains”

December 2017

“Jesus, You Can Get Behind Me?”


January 2018

“Be Ready to Respond in 2018”


 March 2018

“It Will Come Out”

April 2018

“Church: Are We Excited About Going? Or Growing?"

May 2018

“A Living Sacrifice?”

June 2018

“A Biblical Word for Those Grieving”

July 2018

“Are You A Godly Friend?”

October 2018

“When Christ is First . . .”

November 2018

“Be Made Whole, It’s Up to You”

December 2018

“Pray and Advocate for All Our Children”


January 2019

“He Loved Us so That We Will Love Others”

February 2019

"God Will Take Your Hurting and Pain"

March 2019

"All Things work together to show us our blessings"

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